Professional sea, rail and air freight forwarding.

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Sea freight

For the convenience of our customers, as part of the import and export of goods around the world, we provide both groupage and full container transport. FCL or LCL - it will always work with us.

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Railway forwarding

Rail transport from Asia is the New Silk Road. We develop rail transport on the China - Europe - China route, providing connections with all industrialized regions of China based on railway terminals in Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Chongqing , Hefei, Lanzhou and Poland in Małaszewicze, Pruszków, Warsaw and Łódź.

Rail Transport saves time and increases business flexibility.

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Air freight

Do you care about time? Opt for air transport as the fastest method of transport! After all, it is a convenient and express transport of goods to the farthest corners of the world. Bet on air transport and the related safety.

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DIRECT ASIA LINE - Transport, sea, air and rail freight

Since 2007 we offer comprehensive logistics services (transport, sea, air and rail freight) in Europe, Asia and both Americas. You can be sure that we will make every effort to ensure that the cargo entrusted to us is delivered to its destination on time! For us, the boundaries are only contractual, because we have proven many times that we will carry out even the most complex orders, and all obstacles are only a challenge for us to overcome. You can be sure that we will take care of your cargo.

We deal professionally preparation of flight, transport and sea transport of cargo in export and import. We help our clients in fiscal clearances and customs services. We guarantee shipment monitoring at each stage of the sea, rail or air forwarding order.


We count our experience in years, tons of transported loads and kilometers traveled on the route.

By choosing our company, you bet on certaintythat only the best can give you. Others have already trusted us, now it's your turn!

Qualified team and network of professional Agents

We realize that only putting on the best, we can provide services at the highest level.

During the kilometers we have gained experience that allows us to cope also in difficult situations.


Your cargo is in safe hands from receipt until it reaches its destination.

You can be calmbecause we make every effort to ensure that everything goes according to the plan. We keep our eye on him, so rest assured.

Why us?

By choosing our company, you decide on safe transport, which we have been providing for several years! For us, the transport of goods is not only a way of earning a living, it is also our MISSION! You know very well that we do it using the best resources.

For us, transport is not only about transporting cargo from A to B. It a carefully thought-out plan, taking into account possible threats, which allows us to completely eliminate them from our orders. The experience we have built over the years makes us reliable specialists in the transport industry. We approach each order individually, we are here for our clients, which is why we take your opinion very seriously. Your needs combined with our knowledge, possibilities and skills make us a close-knit team.


Why does shipping play such an important role?

It's no secret that the efficient transport of cargo often dictates the pace of operation of the entire company. Properly planned and implemented transport plays a key role here. After all, without the necessary materials, there will be no production, and without products for sale.

It is therefore such an important part of the chain, the breaking of which means huge losses for the company. This is a big responsibility that only the best can bear. After all, we are responsible for the organization of delivery, transport, loading and reloading. You will not be without our experience and punctuality. It is our efficient organization that helps you build a strong position of your company on the market. We always fulfill the conditions that we set with you. We are here for you.

How it's working?

Transport in practice


We plan first

We approach each order individually. Each load is different and your requirements are different, so we carefully analyze and plan how it is to be delivered, so that you are satisfied with the cooperation with us.


Second, we organize

When we have a thorough analysis behind us, we can move on to the organization. It is no less demanding process that we devote a lot of attention to. Every detail is important to us, so we always have everything buttoned up to the last button!


Third, we implement

Fulfillment is the most enjoyable part of the order! We have already mentioned that this work is our passion and that each order made gives us great pleasure? We are pleased with the great trust you place in us by entrusting us with new loads.

Od A do Z

Transport and forwarding in good hands

If you were looking for a reliable and proven transport company that works instantly, quickly and professionally, you've just found it.

Comprehensive logistics

We provide logistics services from A to Z! Don't worry, we won't miss a thing. We act very meticulously, without omitting anything. Anyway, check it out for yourself!

Convenient import

Importing goods is our middle name. Are you looking for a shipping company that will take care of it for you? You've come to the right place. We will discuss more details by phone, please contact us!

Safe export

Cargo export is one thing, and its safety is another. And we are able to combine it for you. We have covered an unimaginable number of kilometers transporting your goods. You have always been satisfied!

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